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Zeige Ergebnisse 51-84 von 84.
Lesson numberInfoLevelStart
51Start with 3 and 914Start exercise
52Start with 4 and 814Start exercise
53Text with 3, 4, 8, 914Start exercise
54Start with 5, 6 and 714Start exercise
55Great! You have the numbers? Sure!14Start exercise
56Text to write faster: Ever Seen Stan Lee?14Start exercise
57You know this football player?14Start exercise
58Fact about Stars14Start exercise
59Cats and Lions14Start exercise
60Recipe for Sources13Start exercise
61Body Fact and the Number Four14Start exercise
62Big Ben13Start exercise
63My Guitar14Start exercise
64Imagine14Start exercise
65Batman14Start exercise
66Put a ring on it14Start exercise
67Do you know J?14Start exercise
68Poor Pluto14Start exercise
69Is Mount Everest the Biggest Mountain?14Start exercise
70What is choice?14Start exercise
71Who invented the light bulb?14Start exercise
72How my Nan makes Spanish Omelette13Start exercise
73Father and Son14Start exercise
74The mistake of penicillin14Start exercise
75Stonehenge14Start exercise
76Conway castle14Start exercise
77Who is this?14Start exercise
78Who is this man?14Start exercise
79Birth of fair trade14Start exercise
80The smallest house in England14Start exercise
81About a boy?14Start exercise
82ITunes & Virgin14Start exercise
83The Wanted Vs One Direction14Start exercise
84Facebook and Avatar14Start exercise

Levels are graded on the following character sets:

Level 1: asdfjkl;
Level 2: asdfjkl;ASDFJKL
Level 3: asdfjkl;ASDFJKLghGH
Level 4: asdfjkl;ASDFJKLghGHeiEI
Level 5: asdfjkl;ASDFJKLghGHeiEIruRU
Level 6: asdfjkl;ASDFJKLghGHeiEIruRUtyTY
Level 7: asdfjkl;ASDFJKLghGHeiEIruRUtyTYwoWO
Level 8: asdfjkl;ASDFJKLghGHeiEIruRUtyTYwoWOqpQP
Level 9: asdfjkl;ASDFJKLghGHeiEIruRUtyTYwoWOqpQPbnBN
Level 10: asdfjkl;ASDFJKLghGHeiEIruRUtyTYwoWOqpQPbnBNvmVM
Level 11: asdfjkl;ASDFJKLghGHeiEIruRUtyTYwoWOqpQPbnBNvmVMc,C;
Level 12: asdfjklASDFJKLghGHeiEIruRUtyTYwoWOqpQPbnBNvmVMc,C;x.X:
Level 13: asdfjklASDFJKLghGHeiEIruRUtyTYwoWOqpQPbnBNvmVMc,C;x.X:qüQ&Uml;z_Z_
Level 14: abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZß1234567890!§$/()?,.-+;:-*"=%
Level 15: asdfjklASDFJKLghGHeiEIruRUtyTYwoWOqpQPbnBNvmVMcCxX?Yáèà1234567890!§$/()?,.-+;:-*"=%

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